Laptops have become the must-have item of our time. Whether we’re using them to watch films, catch up with friends, do work or simply browse the web, we’re never far from a screen. However, these computers don’t come cheap, which is why pay weekly laptops are becoming so popular.

Weekly payments will let you spread the cost of a laptop but if you take finance through the store that’s selling your laptop you’re limited to their range. But with Loans at Home you can receive a cash loan of £100-£600 that can be spent on a laptop, meaning you get the choice of the full range of those on the market. Use our loan calculator to find your ideal cash loan. Simply enter the amount you’d like to borrow and you’ll then be shown the possible number of weeks you can spread your repayments over – 14, 26 or 34.

Is buying a laptop on finance the right choice for you?

While it’s not always easy to save up the amount you’ll need to buy the laptop you want, it’s really important to give careful consideration as to whether finance is the right choice. If you do decide to opt for finance, give some thought to these questions:

  • How suitable is the laptop you want and will it allow you to do the things you want to do?
  • Does the laptop come with any insurance or guarantees and what will you do if it breaks down?
  • Can you definitely afford the repayments and interest on the finance you’ve taken out to buy the laptop?

Loan Calculator

Tell us the amount you want to borrow and over how many months you'd like to repay it, and we'll calculate how much your repayments might be.

  • Choosing the right laptop

    One of the greatest benefits of buying a laptop using a Loans at Home loan is that you’re not restricted to any single store. With your cash loan you have the buying power to choose the laptop with the features you want, bought from the store you prefer. We’ve identified three types of laptop user and matched recommended computers to suit their needs:

    The movie watcher

    For some people the laptop is all about getting cosy, logging into Netflix and catching up on the latest boxset releases. If that sounds familiar, you may like the Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6 inch laptop. As well as offering boxset watchers that slightly larger screen, this laptop also has an Intel Core i3-5010U 2.1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM. Moving images look great displayed on the Asus thanks to its Intel HD screen and the sound quality is good too.

  • The business user

    If you’re looking for a laptop to work on, you’ll need a computer that’s secure and powerful, as well as being light enough to be portable. It will also need a good battery to last from 9am to 5pm. The Dell Precision 15 5000 Series is one computer that fits the bill. Well designed and with cutting-edge technology, this laptop has a carbon fibre keyboard deck and a metal body. Its touch display is very sharp and its processing performance is fast – perfect when you need to get a project finished quickly.

    The power user

    This is the laptop user who really knows their stuff. The power user needs more RAM, faster processors and could benefit from an SSD. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is a notebook with retina display and is a good choice for this group of people. Updated in October 2016, this is a machine with vast storage, a large, high-resolution screen, fast processors and powerful graphics. It’s also quite lightweight, a feature that may appeal to many users. As an alternative, the Windows answer to the MacBook Pro is the Dell XPS 15. It’s a good choice and, although its battery life isn’t as long as the MacBook Pro’s, it has a better resolution and a touchscreen.

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