We’re often at our most comfortable when we’re tucked up in bed. But a good night’s sleep doesn’t come cheap and for many, the option of pay weekly beds, or beds on finance, is more convenient.

Purchasing beds on finance is just one of a number of credit options. Loans at Home presents another. We’re here to provide you with the opportunity to use a cash loan to pay for the bed of your choice, from whichever store you prefer, even those with no finance offers of their own. We offer loans between £100 and £600 over repayment periods of 14, 26 or 34 weeks. Fill in our online application form and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a home visit. One of our friendly agents will then come to your home and, once they’ve gone through the details of how much you’d like to borrow and checked how affordable this is for you, if you’re both happy they’ll hand over the cash you need to buy your new bed.

Spreading the cost of your bed purchase

You may have already looked into buying a bed or other furniture on finance. However, purchasing a bed using a cash loan from Loans at Home could be better for you and your circumstances. Arranging a loan through us allows you control over your cash so you can plan your ‘new bed budget’ and stick to it. You let us know the amount you’d like to borrow, the time period you want to borrow it over and we’ll work together to work out how much you can comfortably afford. Then, if we’re both happy, we’ll hand over your loan in cash. Plus, there’s no lump sum or deposit required and you can shop for your new bed wherever you choose.

Loan Calculator

Tell us the amount you want to borrow and over how many months you'd like to repay it, and we'll calculate how much your repayments might be.

  • An example of our weekly cash loan payments

    Here’s an example of a cash loan taken out to buy a high-quality kingsize bed that retails at £300. To borrow £300 over 34 weeks, you’d need to repay £15 a week. The APR on this loan would be 466.4% and the interest rate 107.05%.

    There’s no deposit required

    When you take out a Loans at Home cash loan, there’s absolutely no deposit to pay. This is rarely the case when you take out finance through a bed retailer. Plus, you can start repaying your loan on a day that suits you.

  • Choose any bed you like

    Choosing a bed is a personal decision. You may be looking for a soft, cosy nest in which you can curl up after a long day. Alternatively, you might require a firm support for your back to improve the quality of your sleep. So, whether you head to Dreams for a wooden-framed double, Silentnight for a high-quality mattress, or Bensons for Beds for a four-poster, the choice is entirely yours.

    Does a bed on finance include a mattress?

    Here at Loans at Home, we don’t sell beds – we provide cash loans to provide you with the funds to purchase your bed elsewhere. If you only need a new bed and not a mattress, or vice versa, that’s no problem. Your cash loan is yours to use as you wish.

How much does a bed typically cost?

Below, we’ve highlighted a few popular high street bed retailers to show you how much you’re likely to pay for a new bed. The examples given are for the least expensive bed sold by each store.

  • IKEA

    Double divan: £80
    Single: £45
    Double: £59.99
    Kingsize: £59


    Double divan: £127.99
    Single: £59.99
    Double: £69.99
    Kingsize: £79.99


    Double divan: £283.20
    Single: £129.88
    Double: £191.21

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