Take a loan of between £100 – £600 with easy weekly repayments

If you’re looking at taking out a loan, you can borrow between £100 and £600 with Loans at Home and pay back the cash in regular weekly instalments. Use our online loan calculator to decide how much you’d like to borrow and over what period of time you’d like to repay it – you can choose from 14, 26 or 34-week repayment periods. You can even adjust the amount you’d liked to borrow to find a weekly repayment that best suits your finances.

Why choose a loan with weekly repayments?

Taking out a pay weekly cash loan rather than buying items on finance can be a wise decision. Here are a number of reasons why.

  • You choose your loan amount. If you buy a TV, washing machine or fridge freezer on finance, the amount you borrow is set – it’s the cost of the item plus interest. With a doorstep loan such as those offered by Loans at Home, you can select the loan amount you need – anywhere between £100 and £600.
  • You choose the number of repayment weeks. With a pay weekly cash loan the length of the repayment period is your choice. Whether you chose to repay your loan in the maximum amount of weeks, or you go for the minimum time frame is up to you.
  • You manage your costs. Pay weekly loans allow you to manage your costs yourself, fitting them around your other financial responsibilities.

Loan Calculator

Tell us the amount you want to borrow and over how many months you'd like to repay it, and we'll calculate how much your repayments might be.

Flexible weekly repayment plans for your essentials


A TV can form the focal point in many modern households, providing a place where the family can gather together.


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A good night’s sleep is no luxury – it’s a necessity, so you may want to invest in a quality bed.

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Washing Machine

If the washing machine breaks down it can mean a trip to the launderette or asking your neighbours for help. You may be able to avoid the hassle by having yours repaired.


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Fridge Freezer

For busy parents a fridge freezer is a godsend, helping you conjure up tasty meals in a flash. If yours needs repairing or replacing, a doorstep loan could help.


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Whether you’re using them for work or pleasure, a laptop has become an essential part of day-to-day life. If yours needs repairing or replacing, a cash loan may be able to help.


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Having somewhere to sit down and relax with the family is important, and a sofa can often be the ideal item to make this comfort a reality.


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Questions from our customers

Loans at Home takes a personal approach to customers and when we visit you in your home we’ll be ready to answer all of your questions. In the meantime, here are a number of answers to the questions we’re often asked.

  • What are the benefits of pay weekly vs pay monthly?

    Weekly payments mean you pay less, more often, which some people feel gives them more control than having a larger monthly outgoing.

    Is a pay weekly loan a good alternative to pay weekly finance?

    The right pay weekly loan can offer good rates of interest and repayment terms when compared to weekly finance taken out to purchase specific items.

  • What if I have bad credit?

    Some people have a poor credit score and wonder whether they’ll be able to secure a loan they can pay weekly. We look at your circumstances so bad credit may not be a problem with Loans at Home. Find out more here.

    Can I amend my weekly repayment schedule?

    We’re always here to listen to our customers. If you’d like to amend your repayment schedule at any point, speak to your agent.

  • Does Loans at Home offer a pay weekly plan to the unemployed?

    We can tailor our loans to meet each applicant’s individual circumstance.