With more than 60 years’ worth of experience, Loans at Home offers personal loans tailored to your circumstances.

We ensure that our service is as simple and convenient for you as possible – all you need to do is fill out an application to receive a decision in principle. If approved, our friendly agents will arrange to visit you in the comfort of your home to discuss the amount you’d like to borrow and help you organise repayments that work best for you. We aim to provide you with the money there and then and you’ll pay it back weekly in cash.

Why Loans at home

  • Want between £100 and £600 cash? Want between £100 and £600 cash?
  • Treating you like a person Treating you like a person
  • What you see is what you pay What you see is what you pay

Speak to us about the following loan options:

Doorstep Loans

We’ll give you a quick response to your online application and arrange for a local agent to visit you at home. We’ll also discuss repayments options that are manageable for you.

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Cash Loans

A short-term loan for smaller amounts, you might consider this loan for life’s unexpected emergencies – and you don’t need a bank account.

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Bad Credit Loans

If you’ve got a less-than-perfect credit history and are looking at taking out a loan, talk to us about what we could offer you.

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Christmas Loans

The festive period can be a daunting time filled with worry about how to cover all the expense. Loans at Home could help you enjoy Christmas with the family and spread the cost.

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Instalment Loans

Usually classed as a longer-term loan, you’ll borrow money and repay it in an agreed amount of instalments with added interest.

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6 Month Loans

Arrange financial cover for expenses like medical bills or contribute towards your dream wedding day and have the peace of mind that you could spread the cost over the next six months.

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£500 Loans

For slightly larger expenses like a holiday or home improvements, we offer loans between £300 and £600 and you could arrange repayments suitable for your circumstances.

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Small Loans

Cover unexpected expenses like boiler emergencies or car repairs with a small loan from Loans at Home, and arrange a repayment suitable for you.

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Pay Weekly Loans

If you need a cash loan but are worrying about the repayments, speak to us to arrange a loan that can be broken down into manageable weekly repayments.

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