The world is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis at the moment and at Loans at Home we fully appreciate the impact it may be having on our customers.

This might be because:

• you or someone you care for is sick
• you need to self-isolate
• you work in a sector that has been or is likely to be hit by the economic disruption caused by the virus

If you are concerned about your account please contact your agent or call our Customer Relationship Centre on our freephone number (0800) 011 4490, who will request a local manager to get in touch. Our goal is to do our best to support you whether that is by helping you to arrange an alternative, remote method of paying your account, or agreeing an appropriate forbearance measure if you are unfortunate enough to be experiencing financial hardship.


You may also be eligible to request a payment deferral for a period of up to 3 months. This is only available if you or your household income has been negatively impacted as an outcome of Covid-19. You may be able to defer all payments for some or all of the 3 month period. Should you require more information on payment deferrals please contact our customer relationship centre who will arrange for someone to discuss with you. Any deferral will simply move the obligation to pay the sums due to a later period and may not be in your best interests depending on your particular circumstances. If you are currently on a payment deferral and it is coming to end, we will contact you to discuss your personal circumstances. Alternatively, you can contact your Agent or local Business Manager.


In order to remain compliant with the Consumer Credit Act, we are required to treat the accounts of customers with whom we have agreed suspended payments as being in arrears. These will trigger the automatic sending of statutory notices to customers reminding them of their missed payments.

However we wish to assure all customers who are eligible for a suspension that these specific arrears will not affect your credit file and, subject to below, we will take no other actions as a result of these agreed arrears.

After the suspension period has ended we will discuss your repayment options with you. These may include increased weekly repayments or an extended repayment term outside the term of the agreement. As long as you eventually repay the full amount of your loan with us the suspended payments will never have any impact on your creditworthiness.


Remember that you can sign up to our customer portal, MyLoansatHome, here you can manage your account remotely. It is easy to use and allows you to stay up to date on all of your account information.

Please remember, at Loans at Home we do not charge any additional fees and always aim to work with customers who encounter genuine financial difficulty – we want to reach a solution that works for all parties without creating additional stress or anxiety, so please do not hesitate to contact your agent or the Customer Relationship Centre, if you find yourself in this position. Contact details are shown in section below.


Here at Loans at Home, we are collecting inbound post we receive into our Customer Relationship Centre in Hanley, Staffordshire, on a regular basis and where possible daily.

If you have sent us a payment by cheque, these are currently being banked once a week to minimise the need for travel.

We are where possible emailing any correspondence back to our customers. Where we are unable to email, we are posting responses back to our customers on a weekly basis.

If you would like to view your account balance(s) or get in touch with us, you can do this via our customer portal, by contacting us at, by calling us on 0800 011 4490, or by contacting your agent.


If you are experiencing any form of vulnerability, please also speak to us so we can offer you the correct forbearance options suitable for your needs.

There are also a number of free, independent organisations which can help you if you find yourself in financial difficulties, worried about debt or simply need advice on ways to manage your money more effectively.

  • StepChange Debt Charity — 0800 138 1111
  • National Debtline — 0808 808 4000


Here at Loans at Home we have completed an internal risk assessment looking at all levels of our business and have implemented controls in order to operate as safely as possible. This can be seen in our Loans at Home COVID-19 return to work risk assessment document.

In addition to this, we can also confirm our compliance with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. This can be found in our Staying COVID-19 secure in 2020 certificate.

The Loans at Home team