Apply for a £500 loan today

Here at Loans at Home, we know that everyone borrows for different reasons, and that’s why we lend with a human touch. Our agents are always ready to listen and guide you through the borrowing process, whether you’re wanting a loan of £200, £500, £600 or somewhere in the middle. We want to make sure you get the right loan for you, and that your payments are designed to suit your lifestyle.

If you take out a £500 loan with Loans at Home, we’ll ensure our loans process is as simple and convenient as possible for you. We offer loans between £100 and £600, over repayment periods of 14, 26 or 34 weeks. Applying online only takes a couple of minutes and we’ll be in touch to arrange a home visit to sort out the details. Best of all, if your application is approved, our friendly agents can deliver the cash to your doorstep as soon as 24 hours after you make your initial online application.

Calculating your loan

If you’re looking for a cash loan of £500, or any amount between £100 and £600, we can help. Use our calculator to find out how much your weekly payments would be over each of the repayment options available. Set the lending amount to £500 (or however much you want to borrow) and select the repayment period which suits you.

Loan Calculator

Tell us the amount you want to borrow and over how many months you'd like to repay it, and we'll calculate how much your repayments might be.

What period can I borrow £500 over?

Loans at Home could offer £500 loans over two different time periods – 26 weeks or 34 weeks.

Personal loans made truly personal

When you’re assigned your Loans at Home agent, they’ll be your primary contact throughout all of the lending and repayment process. This personal way of working means our customers really get to know their agent, and their agent gets to know them and their individual circumstances. Having that familiar face who pops in for coffee and a chat helps mean you can feel more secure and comfortable about the borrowing process.

A couple looking over some important documents

A transparent deal with no hidden fees

While some lenders may have surprises in the small print, with Loans at Home you get a transparent deal from the outset and no hidden fees. The repayment amounts you see when you use our calculator are the weekly amounts you will be paying back. So, if you choose to borrow £500 over 26 weeks, your weekly repayment will be £30. Borrowing the same amount – £500 – over 34 weeks, will mean you’ll need to set aside £25 in repayments each week.

Peace of mind with a fixed interest rate

Some customers turn to us for a £500 loan when something has broken down or gone wrong. A boiler breakdown or leaking roof can mean you need cash. In these situations, our fixed interest rates can help provide real peace of mind.

How do I apply for a loan of £500?

First of all, use our online calculator to decide on the loan period you’d like to borrow £500 for – 14, 26 or 36 weeks. Once you’ve decided on that, fill in our two minute online loan application. When we receive your details, we’ll give you a call to arrange for an agent to visit you in your own home. They’ll call around at a time that suits you and together you’ll go through all the details of the loan. Once everything is in place, they’ll simply hand over the £500 you’d like to borrow in cash.